Physical Therapies

Physical Therapies

Variety of Natural Physical Therapeutics

  • Hot Moist Packs—heated body areas with the goal of increased circulation, nutrients into low blood supply areas, and a flush out of toxic waste from muscles.
  • Interferential Current—stimulates spinal muscles with the goal of flush out of toxins, reset spasms, and bring healing energy into the muscles to give them an energy tune up”
  • UltraSound— support for pain relief, swelling, supports tissue healing
  • InterSegmental Traction—provides thoracic extension that is needed in most people due to forward flexed dominant society we live in (always hunching, bad posture, etc…)
  • LED / Laser Therapy—addresses pain, supports tissue healing and with the goal of speeding up turnover of new cells for support of healing and repair.
  • MicroCurrent—stimulates specific acupuncture points that works with pain control, releases spasm, and increases tissue
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