Dr. Aleksandr Goldvekht MD

Dr. Aleksandr Goldvekht MD

Dr Aleksandr Goldvekht is board certified in PMR as well as Pain Management. He specializes in the comprehensive multidisciplinary approach of treating acute pain in patients of all ages. His areas of special interest and expertise include but not limited to treating degenerative conditions of the cervical and lumbar spine and peripheral joints, musculoskeletal disorders, acute, sub- acute and chronic pain conditions, post-operative and neuropathic pain. He utilizes interventional fluoroscopic and ultrasound guided procedures, opioid and nonopioid pharmacotherapy and performs nerve conduction/ EMG studies.

Dr AG postgraduate studies included a residency at Schwab Rehabilitation Hospital. This broad-based program included in-patient training in Spinal Cord Injury, Traumatic Brain Injury and Stroke at Schwab Hospital as well as out-patient clinic training in Sports Medicine at UIC Musculoskeletal Clinic, U of C Hospitals Pain Clinic, Northwestern University Hospitals EMG/nerve conduction lab. He also completed a Pain Management Fellowship at the John H Stroger Jr Hospital of Cook County.

Dr. Natalie Schultz

Natalie Schultz, MD

Natalie Schultz, MD, has an impressive medical and academic background with over 20 years of experience training other physicians and providing medical care for men and women. Dr. Schultz approaches patient care with extensive knowledge of functional medicine, which is the biochemistry of the body, as well as using the body’s natural ability to prevent and treat disease, improve health and longevity.

Dr. Schultz received her medical degree from Downstate Medical School in New York. She completed a residency in obstetrics & gynecology from Harvard School of Medicine at Beth Israel Hospital in Boston, MA, and a fellowship in reproductive endocrinology from the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. Dr. Schultz completed the curriculum of The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and is a fellow in anti-aging and regenerative medicine.

Dr. Schultz has an extensive academic and clinical background with a number of prestigious institutions including appointments at Harvard Medical School, the University of Texas and the University of Illinois Medical School.

Dr. Schultz has given numerous lectures and has been the guest speaker on a variety of medical topics, as well as providing continuing medical education programs for physicians and other health care clinicians.

Dr. Schultz has treated patients in a ‘holistic’ fashion throughout her career. She helps patients by evaluating and treating the underlying cause of symptoms. Dr. Schultz believes strongly in educating her patients, addressing the numerous lifestyle issues, which often play a major role as part of the cause, and thus the treatment, of a condition. Dr. Schultz emphasizes nutrition, exercise, and elimination of inflammation with natural anti-inflammatory supplements, hormonal balancing, and avoiding and eliminating toxins in the environment in the treatment of her patients.

Dr. Schultz has been a pioneer in polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), also known as Insulin Resistance, the Metabolic Syndrome, or Syndrome X. Toward this end, Dr. Schultz founded and was the medical director of an ongoing multidisciplinary patient seminar series in this epidemic medical condition, and is very successful in the treatment of this complicated metabolic condition.

Dr. Schultz has been a pioneer in the field of reproductive endocrinology and has introduced new approaches in the field of infertility to patient care. Dr. Schultz was the medical director of a large in vitro fertilization program.

Dr. Schultz also has special interests and expertise in anti-aging and functional medicine, women’s health, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy for men and women, weight reduction, eradication of environmental toxins, and intravenous therapies. Dr. Shultz has lectured extensively on lifestyle modifications that can dramatically improve health and quality of life. She is also widely published in reproductive endocrinology research.


Paul Rieselman


Dr. Rieselman is a board certified chiropractic physician and certified nurse practitioner who has studied both alternative and conventional treatment modalities for many different types of medical and health conditions.

He also holds Diplomate status from the American Academy of Pain Management, and continues to study and practice in the field of structural and pain medicine.

Dr. Rieselman believes that due to his unique education in holistic chiropractic, kinesiology, homeopathy, nutrition, acupuncture and his further experience and education in Advanced practice nursing with emphasis and certification as a Family nurse practitioner, that he is able to provide his patients an innovative and broad spectrum approach to their health conditions.

His emphasis focuses on physical medicine through joint manipulations and adjustments, some injection techniques, procedures and medications, and general medical management and convenient care of health conditions for his patients.

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