sciaticaThe longest nerve in the body is the sciatic nerve. It runs from the lower back down the leg into the toes. When irritated or inflamed you will hear people refer to the term sciatica. This means that the sciatic nerve has become inflamed and irritated causing people excruciating pain in the back of their leg. Some people note problems in the buttock, some the knee area, others near the foot and some just feel it throughout the entire leg and foot. This is all referred to as sciatica. Also, people may notice a deep ache of the leg and cramping like sensations of the muscles, pins and needles, burning sensations, numbness and tenderness.

Medical Manipulation patients have witnessed great benefit the suffering from sciatica or sciatic type symptoms. Most sciatic people receive tremendous relief from joint manipultion superior to traction and pain injections, often saving them from having spinal surgery.

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